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Nation's Leading markers of

Colour Cards / Shade Cards

Colour specification panels in Metal and Paper Board

Colour Panel Swatches and Fan Charts

POP Colour Display Panels and Poster Shade Cards

For: PAINTS, COLOUR COSMETICS, PIGMENTS, AUTOMOBILES AND OTHER COLOUR ORIENTED INDUSTRIES to assist Production, Marketing, Colour Specification, Quality Control and Colour management.


Automated Colour Deposition for Solid Colours.

Chip Mounting for Special Finishes made by Spraying / Brushing / Rolling.

Spray Coating for Automobile and Auto Refinish Shade Panels.


10 to 12 lakhs Cards per month (average loading of 75 chips per card)

50,000 Cards by clip Mounting per month.

10,000 panels per month.

Colour Matching Strength

700 - 800 Shades per month

Facilities: Colour formulation / Quality Control by Computerised Colour matching with Gretamacbeth Colour Matching System (6 nos.) & Data Color International Spectrophotometer (1 no.) managed by more than 30 qualified and well experienced staff.

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